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Making It to the Sweaty Sixteen

Completed my first 16-mile run today as part of Marathon Training for the Portland Marathon on October 6th. Finished in a little over 3 hours with a final temperature of 90 degrees. Welcome to Kansas: Land of Humidity.


Longest run I’ve done. EVER.

But now that I’ve survived the Sweaty Sixteen,  I’m now working on the 10 Breadstick Challenge. By the end of the day, I will have eaten this entire plate of breadsticks, pictured below. (In case you’re wondering, that’s a spinach salad in the bowl. Uh, the spinach is there…somewhere).

The only reason this plate hasn’t been demolished is because we ordered our food. But halfway through the salads we were pretty much ready to fall asleep so we took our food home to go and then took a NAP.

Now that I’m awake, 3 more breadsticks have been demolished with 4 more to go and a cold can of Throwback Mountain Dew somewhere. Because if I’m going to do the Dew, I’m going to Dew it right, with REAL SUGAR 🙂

plate of breadsticks

These are from Gambino’s Pizza in Lenexa, KS, in case you need to reward yourself after a run.



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