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Yeah, and My Mountain Dew Can Looks Like McKinley

Nebraska woman is selling her Chicken McNugget on eBay, which she says resembles George Washington’s face

So, the main facts of this article are: 

1. A woman from Nebraska is selling a McNugget on eBay because she believes it looks like George Washington, founding father, something with a cherry tree, and poster boy of the dollar bill. 

2. The McNugget is currently going for $365 dollars with 17 bids on it. Auction closes March 1st, so count your pocket change today. All proceeds go to a church summer camp. 

3. The McNugget is 3 years old (or it’s been 3 years since it was discovered at least). 

4. The woman noticed it only because her kids refused to eat it. She looked down and “…saw this portrait of George Washington staring back at me.”  

What I Got From This Article:

1. I work hard to prove to my friends and co-workers that Nebraskans are really cool, not weird. This is ruining my credibility. Guess I’ll have to take them to Runza again (the better, homemade Nebraska version of fast food) and keep it quiet when I find a Jesus-shaped french fry. 

2. Our church has been working too hard – we really just need to find famous people-shaped food. That’ll save the youth from hours of car washing. 

3. It’s 3 years old…and it still looks the same. I mean, maybe this is the Dick Clark of chicken nuggets, but still. Ewww. Clearly there’s a reason why I eat non-processed foods and guzzle Mountain Dew. 

4. Her kids refused to eat it? What kind of kids are you raising? Did they also throw away the Happy Meal toy too? Or maybe they were full on Mom’s McCafe coffee, hence she was not awake enough to see this McNugget does NOT resemble an American President. Clearly it resembles Margaret Thatcher. 

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