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Dew You Have Any Courtesy?

This turned out to be a hoax about a week later, still relevant though as regardless the amount of money left on a tip, being rude is not an acceptable form of payment. 

Banker’s Insulting Waitress Tip Incites Class Warfare Between the 1% and the 99%


The basic facts:

1. A wealthy banker left a 1% tip ($1.33) on a $133 tab at a restaurant in Newport Beach, CA, circling the word tip and writing “Get a Real Job.”

2. Someone dining with the banker took a picture and created a blog that has now been taken down. He wrote, “mention the 99% in my boss’ presence and feel his wrath. So proudly does he wear his 1% badge of honor that he tips exactly 1% every time he feels the server doesn’t sufficiently bow down to his holiness.”

3. A lot of people liken this to the 1% vs. 99% battle going on.

4. In related news, in the exact same article but apparently not important enough to be mentioned in the headline, Lucy Lawless, a.k.a. Xena Warrior Princess, has been protesting Shell oil and was arrested with six other Green Peace ambassadors for “burglary.”

What I Got From This Article:

1. After thousands of years of progress, hundreds of innovations, and countless landmarks in history, people STILL SUCK.

2. We can think, we can feel, we call ourselves better than animals, yet we still don’t understand COMMON COURTESY.

3. Everyone needs to work a shitty retail or food service job and understand what it’s like to be paid to do the following no matter what because the company says so: tell people who are wrong they are right, let people who try to take advantage of a company whine until they get their way, tell people to have a nice day even after being insulted, pick up clothes in dressing rooms and re-fold them like you’re someone’s mother, answer tons of stupid questions and still smile the whole time, and work longs hours but make nothing even close to how hard you worked.

4. I hope the banker enjoys a nice side of spit with that.

5. “Get a Real Job?” Would that banker say the same to that poor med student who’s trying to make it through college by starring in the pornos he watches?

6. They arrested Xena: Warrior Princess? Can you do that?

7. I’m guessing only Chuck Norris can post bail for Xena.

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