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Why Dew I Run? For Beer, Of Course!

So run/walk races raising money for a variety of charitable causes are a dime a dozen. I still like to participate in them though: my entry fee going to a good cause, being competitive against other runners re-living my former glory cross country days, and, most importantly, validating my self-worth with a t-shirt. A t-shirt proclaiming that I, Jenny Hartz, have the power to both run fast AND help find the cure for cancer AT THE SAME TIME. Nevermind, the hundreds of other participants wearing the same shirt.

However, the 18th Annual Brew to Brew Race hosted by the KC Track Club is definitely different than any other race I’ve done. Your mission, should you choose to accept (but you probably should because as the name implies, this run involves beer) is to run from local Boulevard Brewery in Kansas City, MO, to Free State Brewery in Lawrence, KS. That’s 42.5 miles from here to beer.

But fear not, you are not alone. Although there are solo runners, most participants create a team so each member of the team runs a leg or two of the 10-leg race. Each leg varies in distance, but it mostly follows Hwy 32, out in the countryside, giving runners a stunning view of the lovely Kansas (flat) and a plenty of time to experience the lovely Kansas weather (humid). But in the end, all participants get to enjoy some lovely Kansas beer (because, as we say in Kansas, “There’s no place like beer, there’s no place like beer…”).

Besides beer, this race attracts people become teams are encouraged to pick a clever name and theme for their team, even run in costume. Each team carries its own signature baton, too. Our team is Through the Hillies with the Billies, going with a redneck, hillbilly theme. At first I was adverse to this usual Kansas stereotype, until I remembered the following video of the original Mountain Dew commercial with Hillbilly Willy:

(The best YouTube comment for this being something like: So there was once a time when Mountain Dew could help me put food on the table AND get me laid. Wow, I was born too late.”)

This commercial linked our team theme to my favorite beverage, and I was instantly a fan. Our team baton could be a bottle of Throwback Mountain Dew (don’t worry, it’ll be empty; I will take it upon myself to buy a bottle and take one for the team by drinking it so we don’t have to run with a 20-ounce bottle for miles). Then I realized the pun opportunity of from Brew to Brew to Dew to Dew. Maybe I could print a t-shirt! My mind is just running with ideas on this…pun included.

Anyway, Brew to Brew is this coming Sunday, April 1st, and it will be my first time participating. It will definitely be an adventure, so stay tuned for more posts and some pics too!

For more information, here’s the official race site:

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