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Dewing You Like a Vegan

People are always griping about books corrupting young minds and work hard to ban them. But what about video games, rap music, and this…

Does PETA ad featuring a young, pantsless woman in a neckbrace promote veganism, or offend? | The Cutline – Yahoo! News.

What Ran Through My Head After Watching this Commercial:

1. What about the wall’s rights? Clearly it’s going to demand retribution.

2.Neck braces are NOT sexy.

3. Although eating meat and consuming items with animal byproducts in them is not vegan, apparently, having sex is.

4. I should probably move my bed away from walls.

5. No matter what condition you suffer from, there’s always an acronym for that. Currently I’m suffering from WTFWTITINAMD (What-The-Fuck-Was-That-I-Think-I-Need-A-Mountain-Dew).

6. Violence towards animals = not cool, bro. Violence towards women during sex = way to go, bro.

7. How do we know Mountain Dew isn’t the real cause of his sudden burst of energy? I’m pretty sure it’s vegan.

8. If I was a vegan, I’d be highly offended by this commercial. Clearly I’d have at least two girls with my porn star powers.


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