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Why I Dew This Blog

Welcome to Mountain Dew at Midnight.

It’s always interesting to read or hear how our favorite artists, authors, or bands picked their names. So many are connected to life changing experiences, special people. intelligent literary references, historical events, moments of ingenious thought – the list goes on.

So why Mountain Dew at Midnight? Is it an allusion to an alluring line of poetry? Is it an homage to a hero? Does it hold the secrets to the JFK assassination? Let me explain:

1. I like Mountain Dew

2. I like Mountain Dew…usually around midnight. As a professional procrastinator, I usually am up late trying to finish the due the next day project, homework assignment, essay, application, etc.

3. The alliteration was pretty

4. Alliteration is the same consonant sound  being repeated  (a consonant being the opposite of vowel, as in, “Pat Sajak, I’d like to buy a vowel”).

All joking aside, I love to make people laugh. And this blog allows me to do that. I am always to open comments, constructive criticism, ideas, suggestions for future entries, and stories from readers. I love to give you entertainment, and, in return, I’d love hearing what made you chuckle, what you’d love to see in future posts, and what you’d like to see improved. And the greatest compliment to me is you following this blog and recommending it to your friends and family.

So thanks for joining the fun. Kick back, relax, and pop open some Mountain Dew at Midnight. (Cuz as the saying goes, it’s five o’clock somewhere…so probably midnight where you are.)

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