He’s Got Da Flow: Winning Video of the Mountain Dew Contest

As a Dew Connoisseur, I have to give props to Tea Nuts and his winning video promoting his favorite flavor of Mountain Dew. 

Although I am NOT a fan of the diet Dew (except Code Red…mostly because it mixes so well with Strawberry Smirnoff making what I call Berry Special Mountain Dew), after watching this video, this guy kinda makes me want it anyway.

Even if you don’t like Dew, this video is also a parody of rap videos, in a way. So kudos from the English major on that aspect!

I’m not gonna lie: I was skeptical upon seeing this posted on the Dew Facebook page. WHITE boy RAPPING about DIET Mountain Dew. Not that it can’t be done…I just didn’t expect it to be pulled off so well (I had a gangsta faze where I tried to write raps…now I write blogs, so, yea, that’s how that one turned out). So props, homey! Let’s keep spreading the love and joy of the Dew.

About jhartz87

An English major turned Software Engineer, Jenny currently spends most of her time coding and running. And eating. And then blogging about these things for the enjoyment of others.

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